Attempted murder trial coming in crash caught on camera in Fresno parking lot

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The driver caught on camera running over another woman in a southwest Fresno parking lot is headed for trial for attempted murder.

After watching the video and hearing from the victim, a judge decided Tuesday there is enough evidence for a trial against Monique Cooper.

Cooper's attorney isn't trying to argue with the video. He's not denying she tried to hit the victim in a southwest Fresno parking lot. But he says it's not attempted murder.

Ten seconds of surveillance video bring back all the physical and emotional pain Latoya Crama suffered in May when a car charged into her.

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"That's the first thing I felt was my face hit the windshield," she said. "My biggest thing was my teeth smacking the glass."

Tears fell down her cheek as she listed off the places where she bled and talked about the two broken vertebrae that still prevent her from picking up her daughter.

Crama says she had never met the driver who hit her, but she heard Monique Cooper holler at the girl as they walked to school.

She confronted Cooper a little while later, at the strip mall on California and MLK.

"Did you ever spit on Ms. Cooper?" asked prosecutor Andrew Janz.

"I was talking in her face closely," Crama said. "I was yelling. I was upset. I could've maybe... you know?"

Fresno police officer Brandon Brown says Cooper told him she lost it when Crama spit on her, cursed at her, and hit her car window.

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She admitted to bumping the victim with her car and said it wasn't on purpose, but it wasn't an accident.

Her attorney, Gerald Schwab, says she definitely didn't want Crama dead.

"You can want to hit somebody with your vehicle and not want to kill them," he said.

But prosecutor Janz says the video speaks for itself.

"The defendant is clearly lying in wait, waiting for the alleged victim to cross into the middle of the parking lot," he said.

Cooper is due back in court in two weeks and her bail is set at $660,000.

She could face extra trouble because she's accused of committing this crime while out on bail for a robbery case.
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