Broncos' Gary Kubiak returns after health scare, week at home

ByJeff Legwold ESPN logo
Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak was back at work Monday and said he's ready for whatever comes in the remainder of the Broncos' season and over the long term.

"I feel good, I feel really good,'' Kubiak said. "I got too much rest. Unfortunately, I didn't want it, but I got it. I feel very good. All my tests came back great; it's great to be back to work. ... The doctors that are here, the doctors in Houston got together and talked through some things. ... The biggest thing for me is really helping me sleep a little better.''

Kubiak spent the past week at home after he was taken to the hospital by ambulance following the Broncos' 23-16 loss to the Atlanta Falconson Oct. 9. Kubiak spent the night in the hospital with what was diagnosed as a "complex migraine condition.''

Kubiak underwent additional evaluation in the days that followed as doctors attempted to find what triggered the headaches. He did not make the trip to San Diego last week and was not on the sideline for the Broncos' 21-13 loss to the Chargers on Thursday night.

Joe DeCamillis, the Broncos' special-teams coordinator, served as the team's interim coach last week.

"When you're a football coach, taking two days away from what you do is like, 'What the hell is going on here.' It's like having a summer off or something,'' Kubiak said. "It just makes you appreciate the players, the coaches.''

With a two-game losing streak, Kubiak joked after Monday's practice that he had been "hollering a lot this morning,'' but the Broncos were back on a familiar meeting schedule, and Kubiak said he had no restrictions on the job.

He said his message to the players was a fairly simple one.

"I talked about three things today to the players,'' Kubiak said. "Preparation, detail, and then it's time to go put forth the effort and play. We've got to focus on those things, starting with me, and starting with us as coaches, filter it down through our guys and get a lot better with what we're doing.''

"It was good to have him back, just to have our leader back,'' said cornerback Chris Harris Jr. "...He was just straight with us about what we need to do to get back on track.''

Kubiak coached through the end of the Falcons game even though he felt ill before and during the game. Kubiak did his customary news conference after the loss and walked back into the locker room.

Kubiak continued to feel ill, however, and was taken to the hospitalby ambulance. It is the second time in the last four seasons Kubiak has left a stadium in an ambulance.

In 2013, Kubiak suffered what was described as a mini-stroke at halftime of a game against the Colts. He spent two nights in the hospital after that incident.

Kubiak said Monday he thought the two incidents were different, but his doctors in Denver and the doctors who treated him in Houston in 2013 have talked in the past week.

"I feel good, I feel really good getting out here," Kubiak said. "...I'm through with it, I'm ready to move forward."

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