This local high-schooler aims to play 2 sports at the Division 1 level

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When it comes to playing a sport in college, less than 8% of high schoolers are able to make the jump.

Less than 2% are able to play at the division one level.

The odds of playing two sports are infinitesimal with only a handful of names coming to mind.

But this year, Buchanan's Brock Jones is hoping to add his name to the list.

"I always just dreamed of being an athlete and I mean I've seen people do both. It's getting harder as the years get going but it's possible to pull off and I think if you work hard enough and have the right mindset you can get it done," he says.

"To be able to play two sports at any level is challenging but to be able to do it at the division one level and in the PAC 12 is quite a feat and will be quite a challenge."

Jones won't just be playing two D I sports, he'll also try to balance it with a Stanford education.

"Right now I got a 4.5. Had a 4.7 last semester... (My grades) are doing pretty well right now, they're pretty high. I'm trying to keep them up there," he says.

The Cardinal baseball team, currently ranked number two in the country, were the first to offer Jones a scholarship.

But because he waited so long for a football offer, he had to give up his scholarship, meaning he'll be paying his own way the first two years.

"By my junior year baseball is going to give me a full scholarship which is awesome and hopefully that'll be my draft year," he says.

To play both sports at that level, you'd need an abnormal level of time management and passion. Jones' coach Brad Fontes says Jones has that and that it's bordering on the fanatical.

"He's a little crazy. He's a little goofy. I think you have to be to play two sports, especially on the football field with those big ol' linemen running after you and trying to blow you up, but he's just crazy enough to pull it off."

Time will show the fruits of his chase, but for now, he's a high school senior focused on winning with his current team.

"I'm ready to get a ring out here and then hopefully move on to baseball, football at Stanford, be a PAC-12 All-American in both and hopefully get drafted from there."
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