Southern Californian street artist hopes to spark conversations through his work

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Artist Jeremy Novy uses his art to help struggling families in SoCal
As the pandemic continue, artist Jeremy Novy uses his art to help struggling families in Southern California. His artwork highlights the great effort and sacrifice of essential workers.

LOS ANGELES -- Call it activism through art. Street artist Jeremy Novy is known for his paintings of koi fish that can be seen across America and stencils with LGBTQ+ imagery.

However, beneath the surface of his colorful works are underlying messages that Novy hopes will spark a conversation.

"I like to kind of do activist things, sometimes social commentary, and put them in public spaces so that everybody can see it and hopefully be impacted by the message," Novy told Localish.

Novy is no stranger to using his art to forward a cause he's passionate about. The street artist is also known for using inclusive iconography in his art, focusing on underrepresented subjects to promote acceptance and further his gay activism. This time, he's on a mission to help families who are experiencing food insecurity, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"As an artist, I may not have a lot of money to donate to causes, but I definitely can donate artwork," Novy said. "And my artwork can be used to change and feed people."

For his design, Novy was inspired by essential workers, particularly those who work at grocery stores.

"I hope that it inspires people [to think] about others," Novy said.

The artist also hopes his image conveys "generosity and kindness."