Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company opens new location in downtown Merced

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Saturday, April 8, 2023
Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company opens new location in downtown Merced
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Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company is getting ready to open its newest location in the North Valley.

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A popular Central California brewery is getting ready to open its newest location - this time in the North Valley.

The grand opening for Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company's new location is Saturday in downtown Merced.

Michael Cruz is the President of Tioga Sequoia Brewery.

He is excited to open this new location.

"We love the idea of revitalization in cities, specifically in the downtown core. We're in a beautiful building. The like namesake of Tioga, which can't be more perfect," said Cruz.

The grand opening will start at noon and run until 11 pm. But for Cruz, it's more than a celebration.

"Tapping into the community, the culture. Letting that enrich our brands and what we do, how we partner with entertainment, businesses, art whatever it may be. All those influences that are locally and community driven. We let that drive us to grow and our motivation."

This new location is just one of several new businesses reshaping the downtown area.

Merced resident Amanda Williams said it's refreshing to see so many new businesses welcoming visitors.

"I can just see the growth and kind of the change in perspective of what Merced is and what it can be, and I'm actually really excited for all the growth," said Williams.

City officials are calling the new businesses opening a renaissance. And People are taking notice as new construction is under way.

"You make the plan; you work the plan and then it's the matter of it coming to fruition. It's happening now so to see something that was put in place sever years ago, buildings are going up, very exciting," said Quintero.

He said hundreds of jobs have been created since more businesses started opening up in the city.

The department of finance for the state of California ranked Merced the second fastest growing county in California. And officials said it's only getting started.

Representatives for Mainzer said the construction happening is for a new outdoor patio space to accompany the restaurant and theater. It hopes to be ready by the middle of May.

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