'She cut me': Pregnant woman's dramatic 911 call moments after baby removed by stranger

Newly released audio reveals the gripping moments when a pregnant woman called 911 after being cut and having her baby removed by a stranger.

The woman told the dispatcher that she had been cut, according to 7NEWS. The suspect in the attack is believed to be 34-year-old Dynel Lane.

Warning: This audio contains graphic content.

"She cut me," the woman told the dispatcher in the call.
"What did she cut you with?" the dispatcher replied.
"A knife. I'm pregnant. She cut me in my stomach. I'm afraid," the woman said.

The dispatcher then began to ask the woman if her attacker had any other weapons besides the knife.

"She broke a glass," the woman said.
"She broke a glass? Did she stab you with the broken glass also?" the dispatcher asked.
"Yeah," the woman answered.

The victim was found at the home where Lane currently resides.

The dramatic 911 call of a woman who had her unborn child cut out by a stranger was released.


Lane had allegedly lured the victim with a Craigslist ad for used baby clothes, according to 7NEWS.

The victim was rushed to Longmont United Hospital to be treated. Lane allegedly arrived at the same hospital later with her husband and a deceased baby, claiming that she had a miscarriage. According to 7NEWS, Lane was booked into the Boulder County Jail, and is expected to make her first court appearance on Thursday.
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