University of California master gardeners host free pruning class for Valley residents

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- University of California master gardeners are helping Valley residents learn how to prune.

Dozens came to east central Fresno on Saturday to take part in the free class to learn how, when, and why to prune trees during the winter.

The attendees also learned several steps of basic pruning, thinning fruit, and spraying trees in a home orchard.

One master gardener says the secret is to keep your fruit trees to a height that's convenient for you.

"Another thing that is really a good idea is to prune trees so you don't have to get on ladders in the summer to pick fruit so that you keep the tree shorter but you can get more fruit than you can actually reach," said Nancy Devaurs.

The next class will be on pruning roses and rose care.

For more information on when that will take place, visit the Master Gardeners Facebook page.
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