Dear Santa: USPS Operation Santa helping kids in Big Creek community

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Saturday, December 10, 2022
Dear Santa: USPS Operation Santa helping kids in Big Creek community
USPS Operation Santa is helping kids in the Big Creek community this holiday season. It's all a part of ABC's Localish documentary "Dear Santa."

BIG CREEK, Calif. (KFSN) -- Children's speech pathologist and philanthropist Susie Harder spent a lot of her childhood in the Big Creek Community.

After the devastating Creek fire tore through town she was quick to take action-- with a special project that proved the magic of the holiday season can be felt even in the most trying of times.

Harder says, "it's phenomenal when you're looking at kids and how they perceive what's happening around them."

Now in it's 110th year... The U-S Postal Service's Operation Santa is answering the letters of good little boys and girls who have a Christmas wish.

Susie teamed up with Postmaster Peggy Wilkinson to not only answer a letter-- but to surprise ALL of the students AND teachers of Big Creek Elementary.

She says, "I feel like when you're thinking about kids who've had everything taken from them. they don't have trees they don't have their house they don't have their toys and they're just saying I'm grateful i think oh my gosh this is a child want to shower with joy.

Here's how it works--

Children can upload letters to -- and at that same site you can adopt a letter.

Only first names and states are listed with each letter-- but elves get a Q-R code that will make sure the package is sent to the right address.

Harder says, "it's" such a personal way that you get to connect and do something good and anyone can do it.

If you're interested in being a part of Operation Santa through the US Postal service you have until December 19th to adopt a letter.

You can see the Big Creek Elementary students featured in this special series streaming on Hulu -- or on ABC30 this weekend starting Saturday at Nine, Sunday at Five and again on Christmas eve.