Valley baker adding a twist to classic candies

The pharmacist by trade started the business with baked goods seven years ago to help her daughter with a fundraising project.

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Friday, January 12, 2024
Valley baker adding a twist to old candies
A Valley baker is satisfying even the most nostalgic sweet tooth with her "trendy treats."

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Snackology & More Owner Jennifer Shin says freeze-dried candy may be the newest trend but even fans of the classics, such as Werther's caramels and red hots, are getting a taste of nostalgia.

"It's sort of a blast from the past because we do candies that are old fashions," she said.

The Freeze Dry process gives each piece of candy an all-new look and texture.

"As a small business owner, to produce something that somebody is so happy with, it's satisfying," Shin said. "It makes my day a lot brighter."

The pharmacist by trade started the sweet business with baked goods seven years ago to help her daughter with a high school fundraising project.

Cake pops and mini donuts come in a variety of flavors including confetti, chocolate and the newest flavor you can order, apple cinnamon, which has apple chunks inside.

Already freeze-drying fruit for the baked goods, Jennifer's TikTok-loving kids introduced her to the latest candy craze.

Shin says there's no recipe for freeze-drying candy, so each batch is made with equal parts research, trial and error.

"Most of the candies that do really well are chewy candy or hard candy, where you have to find the melting point of the candy and then at that point, you have to figure out how long to run the machine," she said.

Some Skittles took six hours.

"After it freezes, it actually heats it up and under high pressure, the sugar pops, so it actually implodes," Shin said.

While it's a costly business, she says the time and energy put into the product is worth it.

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