Local dairy company also seeks to clear the air while transporting products

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Valley highways are full of big rigs and trucks constantly moving goods across the country. Diesel exhaust adds to our polluted air.

"We've all seen the smoky diesel truck, refer unit I should say, going down the road. This will stop that," said Tom Ditto.

Powered by solar panels up top the zero-emissions truck effectively addresses the smog problem.

Challenge Dairy has been operating this refrigerated delivery truck out of Fresno.

"At this point, we have found we have reduced emissions, harmful emissions by 98."

The refrigeration unit is powered not by Diesel but by four rechargeable batteries which are plugged in when the truck's not in use.

"This truck is the wave of the future," said Alexis Strauss.

The prototype could soon be adopted by other food companies as they add to the fleet.

"There's 28 million commercial vehicles operating in the United States so there's a large opportunity to reduce the amount of fossil fuel use," said eNow Inc. CEO Jeff Flath.

The Valley air pollution control district aided challenge dairy's $1.2 million project with a $400,000 grant funded in part by the environmental protection agency.

"This is one of the most challenging air basins to bring healthy air to communities. If we can do this here we can help spread this around the state," said Strauss.

Strauss says the savings on diesel fuel will make this an attractive option for many companies.
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