Visalia Police make more than 70 arrests combating holiday theft

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Monday, December 11, 2023
Visalia Police make more than 70 arrests combating holiday theft
A Visalia retail manager says it has been the best year combating holiday theft as the Visalia Police Department has already made 70 arrests this season.

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A retail manager Action News spoke with off-camera and says this has been the best year when it comes to combating lost prevention.

The Visalia Police Department has made over 70 arrests in the last month regarding retail theft.

Officials say theft crime typically rises during the holiday season.

"We've just been tag teaming this. The units have been out there every single day. Watching and working with the security team at all of the stores," Elizabeth Jones with the Visalia Police Department says.

The Visalia Police Department assembled two groups of officers to combat holiday theft this year.

Jones says the thieves are typically your neighbors.

"They just come to Ulta, the Visalia Mall, Kohl's, to stores like that. And organize crime theft. They work in groups. A lot of them are from outside of Visalia," Jones said.

Over $30,000 worth of retail items has been recovered since the operation began. And Jones says that number continues to grow every day.

The police department says if you experience theft while shopping or if you see something suspicious you are encouraged to contact Visalia officers.

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