Local congressman and member of Iranian community oppose war with Iran

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Local congressman and member of Iranian community oppose war with Iran
President Trump said he called off the attack on Iran because it would have claimed too many Iranian lives.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For Parvin Malek, and many of the thousands of Iranian Americans living in the Fresno area, the threat of war between the United States and Iran has become a constant worry.

"I am very scared. I am very worried about my people," Malek said. "I think that if this tension if the war starts nothing good will come of this war."

Many members of Congress, including Jim Costa (D-Fresno) are relieved the President called off a supposed military attack on Iran Thursday night.

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"I think the administration is trying to reassess where they go from here, I think last night cooler heads prevailed," he said.

Costa agrees Iran has been reckless but says it's time to bring allies on board to negotiate a settlement.

"It's a powder keg there and I think the President needs to be thoughtful and deliberative and we need to again have the support of our allies," he said.

Costa also believes it's time to restrict the Presidential authority to wage war given to President Bush after 9/11.

"It's really, I think, incumbent upon Congress to reassert its role, the resolution in 2001 that allowed for action in Iraq, many of us believe is not sufficient for any action that would engage the United States in another war," he said.

A vote to do that is scheduled in Congress next week.

Parvin Malek, director of the Iranian Art and Culture Club, says she and the other Iranians who live here came to the United States for political freedom. She is not a supporter of the Iranian government but says the sanctions imposed by the U.S. are hurting the people, and war will do nothing but claim innocent lives.

"Say no to the war. No to the war," she said. "Nothing good will come of it. It's a bad game everybody will suffer."

Valley Republicans in Congress, including Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy, said they hope the President takes a measured response to any provocations by Iran.

There are signs things are cooling. The administration is now asking for a meeting with the UN Security Council on Monday to discuss the situation.