New fresh lunch spot opens in Hanford during pandemic

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Colorful salads and charcuterie boxes are enticing hungry residents to Hanford's newest lunch spot.

"We use locally sourced farmers around here and try to get all of their ingredients into our salad, sandwiches. We do a lot of fresh, healthy appetizers and locally sourced fruit appetizers. Just crazy off the wall, smoked bird sandwiches," said Kayla Houk, Off the Vine owner.

Kayla Houk is the owner of Off the Vine, located at Irwin and Ivy streets. She gets up early everyday to bake meat and prepare the menu for the day.

She started the eateries after seeing a need.

"There's never a place to go and get fresh food. Downtown, I felt like needed something like this and I love playing with food," Houk said.

She's used her creativity as she crafted sandwiches like the jalapeño business and the pesty turkey.

Houk actually started her businesses selling meat and cheese trays during the pandemic.

"I was a chef in Monterey. All of my events were canceled because of COVID, so I came back here to Hanford and started charcuterie and it just took off," Houk said.

She had a strong following on Instagram for her boards.

She got the storefront in September and opened in February.

While only in business for a short time, Houk has plans for the future

"I'd love to open a nice fine dining restaurant in Hanford after we get this little lunch spot going and eventually, that's the goal," Houk said.

A fresh spot utilizing local ingredients from the Valley and beyond.

You can order charcuterie boards, sandwiches and more.

Off the Vine is open Tuesday through Saturday. The owner says she's appreciative of the community support.
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