Caught on Video: 20-year-old jumps into action, rescues man who fell onto electrified third rail

"I felt a little shock. I felt it all through my body actually. I didn't let that stop me," 20-year-old Anthony Perry said.

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Chicago man hailed as hero for pulling electrocuted man off CTA tracks
CTA rider Anthony Perry is being hailed as a hero after pulling an electrocuted man off the train tracks at the 69th Street Red Line station.

CHICAGO -- A mass transit rider is being hailed a hero after pulling a man off the tracks at a Chicago station.

Twenty-year-old Anthony Perry had just arrived at his stop on Monday when he noticed a nearly unconscious man on the electrified third rail.

Witness Tavi Ghee took video of Perry jumping down and pulling the man to safety without hesitation.

"I was hoping I could just grab him and not feel nothing, but I felt a little shock," Perry said. "I felt it all through my body actually. I didn't let that stop me."

With the help of another commuter, Perry administered CPR, saving the man's life.

Ghee started recording after seeing the man fighting with another male on the platform.

"It was definitely surreal," Ghee said. "That was an out-of-body experience."

The Chicago Transportation Authority issued a statement that said, in part, "Any customer witnessing a person on the tracks should also notify CTA personnel immediately, or call 911. They should never try to enter the right of way, or try to remove the person themselves, as they risk electrocution."

The other man involved in the brawl hopped back on the platform and ran away. Chicago police are still looking for him.

"Our detectives are on the case, working to identify and get those photos out there and see if anybody can actually know who that particular person is," Chicago Police Cmdr. Roderick Watson said.

The man who fell onto the tracks was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive.

Perry was honored with a ceremony on Tuesday with the help of Chicago philanthropist and businessman Early Walker.

Walker had a little fun with Perry when he handed the 20-year-old good Samaritan a gift card for gas.

Perry, who usually takes a 90-minute commute for his job, was in no need of a gas card as he didn't have a car.

Walker knew that, so moments later he presented Perry with the real surprise - a brand new car.

A CTA rider and Greater Grand Crossing man is being hailed as a hero after pulling another off the tracks at the 69th Street Red Line station.

"We just wanted to honor you," Walker said. "We wanted to literally show our appreciation because we need more people like you. We need more Anthonys in the world."

Perry said his ride to work just got easier with the unexpected gift of the 2008 Audi A6.

The car was delivered to him just a few blocks from where he lives, as members of the community and officers from the Chicago Police Department looked on in support.

"So many times people think these young men are out here doing the wrong thing, but this is just a prime example of how a young man took it upon himself to jump in and do the right thing," Chicago Police Lt. Yolanda Irving said.

Perry insisted he's not a hero, just someone who's committed to doing the right thing.

"Good does win," Perry said. "Good always wins!"