Merced Is Weathering the Storm Fairly Well

KFSN All day long, the rain and wind have whipped through the area, sending tree limbs flying, uprooting at least one large evergreen, and knocking out power to hundreds of homes. As the puddles grew deeper, residents continued filling up sand bags to protect their homes.

The City Public Works Department also took steps to prepare for possible problems by adding portable pumps to flood-prone areas like Childs Avenue and Highway 59.

John Raggio: "We've been watching it and we put our pump over there to hold it down and we'll continue to monitor it and keep our pumping going in there until the storm passes."

Officials say so far Merced has escaped any serious weather-related problems, but between tipped trash cans and muddy boots, there may still be a mess to clean up after the storms pass.

City and county crews will remain on standby throughout the night in case any emergencies arise.

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