Confrontation in International Waters

Take a look at the video shot by the US Navy. It shows a confrontation in international waters in the Persian Gulf. The video shows the Iranian boats and in the audio, you can hear the communication between ships.

Small craft: "I am coming to you."

Navy ship: "Inbound small craft, you are approaching a coalition warship in international waters. Your identity is not known. Your intentions are unclear. You are straying into danger and may be subject to defensive measures... request you establish communications now or alter your course immediately to remain clear of me... request you alter course immediately to remain clear."

Small craft: "You will explode after a few minutes."

Navy Ship: "You will explode after a few minutes?"

The Navy says its ships were close to opening fire when the Iranians broke off the encounter.

President Bush called the incident a "Provocative act."

Iran's foreign ministry suggested the Iranian boats had not recognized the US vessels.

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