Fresno State Ticket Price Increase

KFSN For the first time ever, a school from the big ten conference will visit bulldog stadium next fall. The game represents a big opportunity for bulldog football and the athletic department is also looking at an opportunity to cash in on the matchup.

The bulldog stadium ticket office has been hearing from university of Wisconsin fans for months.

But some Wisconsin fans and administrators don't like what they are hearing from Fresno State; earlier this week the school announced tickets for the game will be $60 dollars for a bench seat and $80 dollars to sit in the red seats. The highest price ever charged for a bulldog home game, more than double last year's highest priced ticket.

Equally concerning to some in Wisconsin making travel plans, Fresno State won't sell individual game tickets until August, two months later than in past years. It's a scheme UNLV used last fall when they played Wisconsin, And told Badger fans the only way to guarantee getting a ticket for the game was to buy a season ticket. The president of Wisconsin's Alumni Association said of UNLV and Fresno State earlier this week quote they do take advantage of their marketing opportunities. When asked if schools often take advantage of Wisconsin' Paula Bonner replied "last year was the first that it became most obvious'.

Just to compare, USC'S top ticket price is $45 dollars.

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