Gruesome Murder of a North Valley Teen

KFSN Her body was found Monday afternoon inside the Madera home where she lived with her boyfriend and his father.

Madera police say 18 year old Krista-Rae Pike's final moments alive were torture.

Sgt. Robert Salas with the Madera police department says "I've been doing this many years and this is pretty horrific."

Salas won't say how pike died but the weapon was heavy and had a sharp edge. Her injuries were extensive. "Most of the severe injury was from her neck up and there was more injury to her legs and her stomach area."

Investigators say Pike had been living with her 19 year old boyfriend Thomas Hollier and his father for about a month.

Thomas came home from Madera High School and found Krista in the living room bludgeoned to death.

Hollier is not a suspect. With no sign of forced entry and the brutal nature of Krista's injuries police believe the young woman knew her killer.

Isenia Lara said "it's crazy. It's unimaginable really." Lara went to school with Krista at Madera High but lost touch during their Sophmore year when Krista moved to Placerville with her mom.

She came back to Madera a few weeks ago but was still enrolled at a Placerville High School.

Isenia's mom says the young girl's murder makes her want to hold her daughter a little closer now. "It's terrifying that this would happen in our town. These kids these, young girls."

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