Hillary Clinton May Be Hard to Beat in CA

KFSN The poll asked 519 registered voters who they would elect, if there were only two names on the ballot.

When paired with Hillary Clinton, the four top Republican hopefuls all fell short, with Clinton beating John McCain 57% percent to 38% percent.

Rudy Giuliani is second, but still falls 27% percent short.

Mitt Romney is 33 points behind, with Mike Huckabee down 36% percent.

When compared with Democrat Barack Obama, the race is closer, with republican john McCain getting 44-percent of the vote compared to Obama's 50% percent.

Giuliani lags behind Obama by 18% percent.

While Romney and Huckabee both fall 24% percent behind Obama.

Recent polls in California show Hillary Clinton and John McCain as the front-runners for the upcoming California primary.

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