Fresno's Hottest New Hang-Out

KFSN An Irish Pub is set to open its doors this coming Monday at Granite Park.

It's an important part of a project that its owner and tenants hope will make the area a destination spot in Fresno.

"The Public House" is days away from opening its doors at Granite Park.

Crews are drilling the final screws on the castle walls of this Irish Pub deemed as authentic as any you'd find in Ireland.

John Benjamin: "You won't find a restaurant that is themed out this way anywhere in Fresno."

Parts of the restaurant, like this fireplace area and the bar, were actually built in Ireland and then assembled here.

John Benjamin: "Sit down in any one of our seats and everywhere you look, you are completely immersed in that country."

Don't expect to find Coronas or Bud Light only original Irish Ales, Rare Malts and 60 different Scotches and Whiskies.

In the kitchen Chef Kevin Keogh, a transplant from South Beach, Florida's Famous "Table-8" Restaurant is training cooks on a menu he calls California cuisine with Irish spirit.

Kevin Keogh: "A lot of my different influences of every place that I've worked are coming together here."

Despite some delays, there are signs the rest of Granite Park is also coming together.

The completion date for an amusement park has been pushed to June, but developer Milt Barbis says expectations are still high.

Milt Barbis: "Nationally we've gotten calls from roller coaster enthusiasts who want to ride the roller coasters when they open so we know we are going to draw nationally as well."

The park's first tenant Victory Grill has been drawing a steady stream of customers since opening last August. They say business has exceeded expectations.

Robert Linares, Victory Grill: "It's really nice to be in this area cause they don't have anywhere else to go to. We get a lot of the community members people that live in this area and they are really excited that we are here."

Next on the list, three restaurants including rocker Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina are scheduled to open in April.

The amusement park and a fitness center should open by summertime and a luxury hotel by year's end.

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