Caught on Tape: Elderly Fresno Woman Robbed

Fresno, CA Police need your help to find the man who attacked the 67 year old woman and got away with less than 10-dollars. Detectives say it was a crime of opportunity and they feel fortunate that an extra cautious neighbor captured the robbery on tape.

The video shows this white Dodge Stratus pull up behind a building near the corner of Cedar and Fairfax just before 7am. Suddenly, the suspect starts running toward the street and a different camera angle shows why. The suspect is seen running up behind the victim, shoving her to the ground and stealing her purse. Lt Mark Salazar says Fresno averages one robbery every day and a half but an attack like this is rare.

Lt. Mark Salazar: "This is very uncommon for a female to be thrown to the ground in that manner."

The victim, who was on her way to Sacred Heart Church just about a block and half away, suffered a broken shoulder and is home, recovering from the painful and frightening ordeal.

"It appears he may have been casing the area for a short while, maybe following her."

Police hope the surveillance video will lead to her attacker and feel fortunate that a neighbor's cameras were rolling.

"What we do is go out there and knock door to door see if anyone saw anything our detective got lucky"

Police say a man on a bike also seen here in the video tried to chase the suspect, but was unable to catch him.

"We have one witness to this incident that we know of, but we think there is more out there, so we are definitely seeking the public's help."

The suspect is a male in his early twenties. He was wearing a white jacket with black sleeves and was driving a white Dodge Stratus with chrome wheels.

Again, the attack happened last Sunday at about 6:50 a.m. near Cedar and McKinley. Police believe people driving by may have witnessed the attack.

If you have any information you're asked to call Detective Dan Longoria at 621-6227.

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