Gay Marriage Business Boom

Fresno, CA This office is expected to be filled with a few dozen couples who plan to get married Tuesday and many more who plan to get marriage licenses. The historic day is also expected to draw many who just want to celebrate the occasion.

Jason Scott and Randy Gray have sealed their relationship before but it was never legal, Tuesday it will be.

Jason Scott: "We've been together over eight years and we just really want to affirm our commitment to each other and we want to have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else."

They are looking forward to the big day and the vows that will change their legal marital status.

"To be able to say that we're married and to have a title not just be partner or you know my friend or something to be able to actually say we're married and he's my husband."

Michael Butler owns a flower shop in the tower district. He's not getting married but he'll be at the clerk's office Tuesday morning to take in the monumental day.

Michael Butler: "We just want to give a little congratulations to everyone who is taking part in that and we'll give carnations to anyone who is getting a marriage license that day whether they're gay or straight we just want to be part of the celebration, part of history actually."

Men's Wearhouse Manager Felix Irgartua says subdued but stylish tuxedos are popular with many same sex couples.

Felix Irgartua: "We have noticed that the last couple weeks we've seen more come in. It's just the same old same old. They're traditional wearing now, I mean wearing traditional tuxedo's nothing loud."

Like many weddings, these grooms are excited but also feeling a little nervous partly because of the occasion itself but also its significance to the entire state.

"It's going to be probably emotional or gratifying than any other couple that would be able to go down any day and get married."

A huge reception is planned for all of the couples who get married. It's at Thaiphoon Restaurant in the Tower District at 6 Tuesday. Champagne, appetizers, a cake and DJ has all been donated.

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