Heald Ride Share Program

June 16, 2008 7:08:31 PM PDT
Jazzmekia Burton is saving at least 120 a month in gas money. About a month ago she started sharing rides so she could afford to get her degree at Heald College.Student Jazzmekia Burton said:"It impacts me a lot. Simple fact is sometimes I don't have the money to do it, fill my tank up." The college says the more students who take advantage of its' revamped ride share program, the more students will show up for class."

Heald College Learning Resources Director Martha Espinoza said: "The first one in red is for students can provide transportation, green is for those who can provide gas, the blue is students who can provide both." With gas prices soaring, last month Heald decided to expand its' rideshare program and website to keep students in the classroom. Heald Academic Affairs Director Sandy Lamba said: "We had more students request part-time schedules saying I can't afford to come to school four days week maybe I can do two a week." Now four times as many students like Chris Salinas are sharing rides so they don't have to choose between keeping their tank full, and a full time schedule.

Student Chris Salinas said: "Since gas keeps going up six cents a day, a week, budgeting and trying to manage your gas is very hard to do that." So far, Heald says even with gas prices inching closer to five dollars a gallon, they haven't lost a student yet.