Gay Couples Say "I Do"

Fresno, CA Boyer said, "This is a constitutional issue not a morality issue and I stand on the constitution." Boyer believes this now-legal union transcends love. "I love you wife." She is also fully prepared for voters to turn things around in November, making gay marriages illegal once again. "If they decide not to, we will stand by it but we will continue the fight for equality. End of story."

Outside the clerk's office a quiet morning. The expected protesters were a no-show. A crush of journalists crowded the office for the very first couple in line this morning. It's a day Alicia Rice never thought she would see. "Not in my lifetime. But I'm very glad to see it here like many people are."

Judge Anthony Canton volunteered his services to marry gay and lesbian couples. He said, "Everybody should be treated equally, it's simple but difficult to achieve sometimes."

The list of couples who showed up to the Fresno County Clerk's office was long, 63 altogether. But some wonder what will happen to the validity of these unions if gay marriage opponents outnumber those in favor of these same-sex nuptials at the polls in November. ABC legal analyst Tony Capozzi said, "If it passes the question then becomes, are all those marriages that took place between now and then going be valid? I kind of think they're going to be valid because the proposition will be unconstitutional." Capozzi believes this issue won't die down in November and it could go all the way to the nation's Supreme Court.

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