High School Pregnancy Pact

6/20/2008 Gloucester, MA It is the first official day of summer, but more than a dozen Gloucester, Massachusetts High School students are already thinking ahead to labor day; their own labor day. 17 girls are expecting babies.

17-year old Kyla Brown is one of them. "There's just so many girls pregnant now it kind of makes you think."

School officials think some of the teens formed a pregnancy pact. "A certain number of them agreed we'll all get pregnant together and we'll raise our children together," said Greg Verga with Gloucester High School.

The movie "Juno" about teen pregnancy is a hit. But there's a different response to a similar Hollywood script playing out in this small Massachusetts fishing town with more than four times the number of pregnancies the school had last year.

CEO of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy Sarah Brown said, "Bearing a child has been reduced to a group activity of a bunch of teenaged girls as if they were getting their ears pierced."

Kayla Brown said she was not part of the pact, but says she knew some girls wanted to get pregnant.

One of the fathers is purportedly a 24-year-old homeless man. "Some kids when in for multiple pregnancy tests were disappointed when it came out negative and when it was positive they were pleased as punch," said Verga.

The school doctor and nurse resigned after being told they couldn't give out birth control. The school will vote again this summer on whether to provide contraceptives.

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