Dem. Convention & Rep. Counter-Strategy

Denver, CO, USA "Are you a nurse?... I love nurses." Obama spread some love in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Obama said, "I am very excited about the convention. I am very excited to hear Michelle speak tomorrow."

His wife's speech will be one of the highlights Monday night, which is themed "One Nation." The hope of the Obama campaign is that over the next four days, the speakers, including his brother-in-law and sister, will reveal what they call Obama's "American story."

"It really is the only time in the campaign, where you own a large portion of the time to convey what you want in the course of that campaign," said Matthew Dowd, ABC News Political Contributor.

Danny Diaz, RNC Communications Director said, "We invited ourselves." Two dozen operatives from the Republican National Committee and the McCain campaign who've set up shop here in Denver are unveiling a new slogan: "Barack Obama, A Mile High and an Inch deep."

Obama's Senior Adviser Axelrod said "I know that the Republicans would like to shift the focus, but the real focus is whether we can endure more of these same policies."

According to an ABC NEWS/Washington Post poll, 57 percent think McCain will lead in the same direction as the largely unpopular George W. Bush; while 30 percent of former Clinton supporters are either undecided or for McCain. So there is work to do in Denver and the Obama campaign is counting on the newest name on the ticket to help.

One day after the big announcement, Joe Biden headed to church before hitting the internet.

One of the most highly anticipated moments for Monday's convention is a film tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy. People close to the senator are not ruling out the possibility that if his doctors approve it, he will make a personal appearance.

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