Prop 8 Website Causes Controversy

Fresno, CA, USA A new website called "" shows who and how much people gave to "/*Yes on 8*/" as well as posting where donors work and live.

People who appear on the website are upset saying it steps over the line.

But gay marriage activists say the website is not a method of intimidation, but a tool for a cause.

"I'm willing to listen to their arguments too and weigh them but to try and make it where people are living in fear is like Senator McCarthy, hunting people down and persecuting them because of their beliefs," said Bill Turrentine who voted yes on /*Prop 8*/.

"It's interesting to see /*Prop 8*/ proponents actually stripped gay people and their families of rights are claiming victim status when they're the real bullies in this play," said Molly McKay with Marriage Equality.

The executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition said he thinks the law should change so that people who donate less than $500 dollars should be able to do so anonymously.

Supporters of /*Prop 8*/ have asked a judge to do just that.


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