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The foreclosure crisis is hurting thousands in the Valley. Beyond just the loss of their homes, credit counselors say they are being bombarded with people who have paid thousands of dollars for help with their mortgages, but are getting ripped off instead. Latino Life looks at what people can do to avoid scam artists who prey on people trying to avoid foreclosure, and find out who to call for help.

More information:
Contact Sandy White at Fraud Core: (559) 256-7444
Building Your Own Dream Home
Habitat for humanity is recruiting families willing to roll up their sleeves to help build their own home. A look at how the program uses "sweat equity" to help your dream home, come true. Find out who qualifies and where you can go to apply.

Habitat for Humanity - Basic requirements
a. 620 credit score
b. 60% of AMI or below
c. Must be willing to commit the 500 hours of "sweat equity" on their home or the homes of neighbors
d. Must be living in sub-standard housing
To apply, contact Joan Cook at Habitat for Humanity: (559) 237-4102.
Dressing for Success
Who doesn't like looking through a friend's or sister's closet, finding something fashionable to wear? A valley clothing ministry is giving women that chance and at the same time, helping them become more self-sufficient. Learn how you can donate new or nearly new professional clothing to help women get back into the workforce. Hear how one woman learned how to dress for success thanks to this program.

My Sister's Closet - Fashion Show
Friday, May 8TH @ 7PM at The United Faith Christian Fellowship
4410 E. Grant Ave., Fresno
Contact Yammilette Rodriguez: (559) 458-0229
Laton Makeover
Several dozen students from Otis College, a Los Angeles art school, lived and worked in Laton since August. They have been planning and eventually executing a very special art project. It includes a new paint job for all the store fronts on Laton's main street. Volunteers from area schools, Fresno State students and town residents helped with the project.

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