Bizarre News-Bikini Baristas-Prostitution

EVERETT, Washington (AP) - It's not the hot coffee that's gotten the bikini baristas in trouble -- but the hot buns. Five coffee bar servers in the Washington state city of Everett are facing prostitution charges. Authorities accuse the women of charging customers to touch their breasts and butts. The Everett Herald reports customers paid up to 80 bucks to have the women strip while fixing lattes and mochas. During a two-month investigation, detectives say they saw the women lick whipped cream off each other and pose naked for pictures. The women are expected in Municipal Court in a few weeks to answer the misdemeanor charges. The city council is also considering a change in the lewd conduct law to cover espresso stands.

WASHINGTON (AP) - There's a new Obama burger in D.C. But it's not named for the president. The new patty is the "Michelle Melt." Chef Spike Mendelsohn served up the Michelle Melt yesterday at the Good Stuff Eatery. He's a former contestant on Bravo's "Top Chef." Mendelsohn says the turkey burger is made from fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients that promote healthier eating. The Michelle Melt also has the same herbs that are found in the White House garden started by Mrs. Obama. At the suggestion of a White House chef, Mendelsohn says he'll donate proceeds from the burger to the D.C. Central Kitchen, which distributes food to the homeless.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - African pythons are causing concern far from Africa. Scientists say the giant snakes may be finding a home in Florida. Three of the enormous constrictors have been located in the last few months in western Miami-Dade County. The rock pythons are Africa's largest snake. Researchers fear the big pythons could establish a breeding population like their Burmese cousins, which now number in the thousands in Florida. The experts feel much of the snake problem can be traced back to owners who let their pet snakes free when they grew too big.

CHICAGO (AP) - Throw-up and you'll pay up. At least that's the way Chicago cabbies want it. The taxi drivers are asking for a rate hike and some special fees. You might call one a puke tax for taxis. The drivers want a $50 penalty for cleaning up a passenger's vomit. One driver says it can take up to two hours to clean up the mess. The cabbies are also asking the Chicago City Council for an overall rate increase of about 22 percent.

KISARAN, Indonesia (AP) - It's a great name for a really big baby. Akbar means the Great in Arabic -- and that's the name his parents have chosen for him. Doctors in Indonesia report Akbar came into the world at more than 19 pounds, the biggest baby ever born in that nation. But that's not a world's record. Doctors say the baby's extreme size was due in part because the mother is a diabetic. Akbar was born in a 40-minute cesarean delivery.

EDISON, N.J. (AP) - The sex show will go on as planned this weekend. Edison Township, N.J., tried to block the Exxxotica Expo by amending its zoning law. But an Exxxotica spokesman says the change won't effect the expo because the trade show won't be within 1,000 feet of a school, church, hospital or playground. It's the second year the X-rated expo has run in the central New Jersey town. Promoters tell a local paper (Home News Tribune) they'll have more than 100 X-rated stars. Tickets cost 50 bucks a day.

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