K9 Donation to keep them safe

FRESNO, Calif. A North Valley Police Officer and his K9 have something special to be thankful for as they patrol the streets on this holiday. Action News shows us the gift that's helping to keep them both safe, and the young girl who made it possible.

Officer Joey Green has been working alongside his partner Arnold since long before they both joined the Dos Palos Police Department.

Officer Joey Green, Dos Palos Police Dept. said: "I've had him since he was a puppy, I raised him, I trained him, and I got him certified. Now he's my partner and I work with him on the street."

Green said he relies on his brave K9 to track and apprehend suspects in areas he can't access, and to have his back in dangerous situations.

Officer Joey Green, Dos Palos Police Dept. said: "if I roll up on a vehicle stop and there are several subjects I know that if I'm outmanned, I have him, it's no different than a cover officer working right beside me."

And now thanks to some new equipment that was recently installed in green's patrol car, these partners can better protect each other.

Officer Joey Green, Dos Palos Police Dept. said: "From here if I needed the dog to come to me, say I'm at a traffic stop or I'm contacting a subject out in the field, i can go ahead and pop the door, come here, good boy, and I can call the dog to me."

Along with the ability to open the door with a remote control, the equipment also includes a heat sensor that will automatically turn on the air conditioning once temperatures reach 74 degrees.

Officer Joey Green, Dos Palos Police Dept. said: "And once it reaches in the 90s if the air conditioning unit doesn't cool the vehicle down quick enough, it will drop the window, sound the alarm, and it triggers a pager that's attached to my hip."

The new technology will help prevent the type of tragedy that struck the Merced Police Department just three years ago when a K9 named riley died from heat stroke after the car she was in somehow turned off.

Chief Barry Mann, Dos Palos Police Dept.said: "We do learn from things that happen with other agencies and we didn't want that to repeat here in Dos Palos."

While this life-saving system may be priceless, it was too expensive for the department to afford. So officer green contacted an organization called kidsfork9's which was founded by a now six year old Virginia girl named Kayleigh. She raises money for equipment to protect police dogs, but this was her first donation to the west coast.

Lee Crimmins said: "I started out thinkin

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