Emotional Testimony from Accused Murderer

FRESNO, Calif. /*Cantrell Ellis*/ is on trial for killing his estranged wife Charlotte Ellis after learning about her affair.

Cantrell's emotional state plays a major factor in this case. His defense is attempting to show ... Cantrell suffered emotional problems for two reasons. First, his wife was having love affairs, and second his son died in an accident.

Cantrell blames himself for the death of his 9-year-old son Cantrell. A construction vehicle hit and killed the boy in August 2004. Under questioning from his attorney, Cantrell reveals emotional feelings believing that his son could still be alive today. Cantrell testified, "...because I didn't wake him up that morning." His attorney asked, "What does not waking him up that morning have to do with being in this accident?" Ellis answered, "He was late to school."

Cantrell says the death put a major strain on his marriage to Charlotte who died at his hands. Cantrell is on trial for fatally stabbing the woman May 2008 while they were separated. Cantrell testified he went to Charlotte's home and looked inside her bedroom window. Cantrell said, "I saw my wife in bed." His attorney asked, "With who?" Cantrell answered, "With Sadan."

Sadan Scott previously took the stand saying he and the victim had a secret love affair. That revelation, according to Cantrell, drove him out of control. He says he can't recall exactly what happened, but Cantrell does remember an officer arresting him. Cantrell said, "I'm putting my hands, not above my head, I'm putting them in front of me I was looking at them." His attorney asked, "And what did you see?" Ellis answered, "...I saw, I saw bloodied hands."

The prosecution wants a first degree murder conviction. On the other hand the defense considers this crime manslaughter. His defense continues presenting their case tomorrow. Jurors could begin deliberating by Wednesday.

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