Fresno DUI Suspect Plowed into Several Cars

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The suspect 61-year-old Wallace Lee is in custody. Police say the people he hit are physically ok ... they were more upset by the suspects threats and suspicious behavior after the accidents.

Lee failed a sobriety test Monday night after he was positively identified by victims as the man who plowed into several cars. Once his late model Cadillac came to rest, it had definitely been in some fender benders.

The Hernandez family was the third car hit ... they had been waiting at a stoplight when their suburban was sideswiped.

Ruth Hernandez said, "I told him stop and he was like no, no, no. I'm not gonna go to jail and I said to my husband, he's gonna kill somebody because we saw he had already hit another car."

The family initially tried to get Lee to wait for police until they say he took action that frightened them even more than the accident itself.

David Hernandez said, "I tried to stop him, you know. And stop the car. When he told me straight out, he's gonna kill me. I was you know, go. I know police gonna get you."

A witness trailed the suspect and police finally caught up with him in a residential neighborhood nearby.

Officer Eddie Barrios said, "While the witness was following him he hit two or three other cars that we know of and we were able to catch up with him here."

The Hernandez's had their 12-year-old daughter in the car with them when they were hit. She was crying, but the family says they were pleased to hear police eventually caught the suspect.

Lee was on parole for drug sales ... police say he's been out of prison about 30 days. He was intoxicated but investigators are also testing for any possible drug use.

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