Dinuba Doctor Plays Santa for the Community

FRESNO, Calif. More than one thousand people waited in line behind me for hours to be a part of the food, clothing and toy drive.

Families from across Northern Tulare County waited in line for hours at the Alta Family Health Clinic in Dinuba Friday afternoon ... all for a chance at a free toy ... sweater or jacket ... and some hot food and music.

Lorena Pacheco from Orosi said, "I heard that they're giving our presents and Santa was coming and the food for the kids so I decided to bring them because I have four of them!"

The clinic's event was not just about family fun ... but giving back to the community at a time when many people are out of work and in need. Pacheco and other parents were thankful for the gifts.

"Right now with a tight budget it's kind of hard to get the kids presents so see for me since I'm not working right now so it's really grateful," said Pacheco.

Ruby Robles Dinuba said, "It's very helpful very there's a lot of people you can see some people are waiting here. They're freezing and their children are so little."

The real heart behind this toy and clothing drive is the CEO of the Alta Family Health Clinic-- Dr. Kuldib Thusu. He said. "It gives a good chance to the staff to basically say thank you to the patients we're here to serve them we're here to take care of them."

Dr. Thusu bought all 13-hundred pieces of clothing plus some of the gifts for the families. His staff and Toys for Tots also helped chip in toys and wrap them.

Dr. Thusu also provided food to feed five-thousand people plus live music and a picture with Santa Claus. The federally-run clinic has been sponsoring this event for three years now.

Dr. Thusu said, "These our patients, these are our people we're just giving back to the community."

A retired nurse from the Alta Clinic used some of her free time these past few months to knit several hundred hats for the children. Those hats were also given out at Friday's event.

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