Victims of Storyteller Images Aren't Taking "No" for an Answer

Fresno, CA Two women -- once total strangers, have bonded over a common cause. Charisse Jiminez and Jessica Lovely first met on Facebook -- because both are former clients of /*Starlene Todd*/ of /*Storyteller Images*/ in Clovis.

Dozens of former clients have come forward, saying Todd took pictures at their weddings but failed to deliver more than $30-thousand dollars worth of albums and prints. After their attempts to contact Todd failed, they contacted Action News.

Last August, Action News tracked down Todd at her Clovis home -- she refused comment and tried to avoid us.

Their efforts paid off -- the Fresno County District Attorney's Office stepped in to retrieve discs from Todd, containing some of her former clients' images.

Still, Lovely doesn't have an album -- and she says she probably never will. She is battling cancer -- and mounting medical bills make it unlikely she'll be able to afford to pay $15-hundred dollars for another one.

Action News caught up with Todd again at federal court last month -- Where she is trying to declare bankruptcy.

Her bankruptcy filing shows: in addition to owing her former clients over $30-thousand dollars. Todd owes $56,654 in credit card debt as well as $15,565 in taxes. Former clients fear they'll never recover their money or promised products.

Bankruptcy law provides that if creditors -- including her former clients -- can demonstrate fraud, a misrepresentation of fact, the money they're owed will not be forgiven by bankruptcy. Todd's clients believe they have a strong case.

We contacted the District Attorney's Office regarding any charges against Todd. They would not comment, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Several former clients say they haven't received anything from Todd and are still waiting on their images -- Including one couple who won a $5,000 small claims judgment against Todd.

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