Storm brings rain to the valley, snow to the mountains

FRESNO, Calif. In Fresno's Tower District a business owner decided to line up a row of sandbags to help keep the water out.

In downtown Fresno, cars maneuvered through flooded streets and car crashes were seen on a number of roads in the city. The C.H.P. reports no major injuries.

The storm also dumped more than a foot of snow in the Sierras and that could mean more sales for local business owners.

Sierra Summit has already decided to open up shop for at least one more weekend even though the winter season is over. They'll be open from Friday to Sunday.

Some local business owners are saying they'll be busy this weekend but others won't be able to cash in, instead they'll be losing money.

"Usually we have a lot of fisherman and stuff up here with this kind of weather it's slowing us down a bit," said Greg Powell with Shaver Lake Sports.

The general manager at the Shaver Lake Sporting Goods Store says they stopped renting out their ski and snowboarding equipment last week. They were hoping to rent out boats anticipating warmer temperatures. The general manager says they'll lose out on roughly $500 this weekend.

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