City seeks crackdown on big rig parking

FRESNO, Calif.

Trucker Corbin Moore doesn't park here, but understands why many drivers do.

"Especially a lot of the neighborhoods around here truck drivers live there and they want to park somewhere as close as they can. They don't want to drive 20-30 minutes to get in a truck and then go drive all day long." He said.

But Fresno City Council Member Andreas Borgeas told his colleagues at Tuesdays council meeting that informal parking lots like this are a problem.

"It is posing a safety hazard for a number of reasons. Folks trying to get on and off Golden State and there's the natural criminal element that is attracted to a congested area."

That element includes prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves and graffiti vandals.

Truck company owner Dave Lawson told the council that many of the drivers who park here make a mess.

"This problem just becomes worse and worse as days go on, there's more tires, oil filters and stuff left there."

There are nearby alternatives. Klein's truck stop rents long term space for $120 a month. $4 a day.

There are other operations in the area with similar rates. But, as reasonable as that sounds, Fresno resident Richard Smith told the council some truckers can't afford it.

"Four dollars is the difference in them staying in a hotel room or sleeping in their truck. Most people with the price of fuel, the price of maintenance, are not making it."

Driver Corbin Moore thinks the city could put a lot on a piece of vacant land, and give local truckers a break.

"Just never know where they are coming from or going to but they live here and they pay the taxes here eat here and a lot of their money stays here.

The council gave preliminary approval to the truck parking restrictions, and will take a final vote next week.

If it passes truckers will get warning notices for the first 90 days. After that, it's a $250 fine.

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