Lamoure's Cleaners and Laundry closes

FRESNO, Calif.

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Once all of these items rolling on the rack at Lamoure's Cleaners in Downtown Fresno are claimed, the store will shut down for good. The sign outside says the store is open for pick-up of garments only.

Lamoure's opened its first store 63 years ago. So its sudden closure caught customers off guard.

Fresno resident, Arthur Littlefield said, "I'm very surprised. Like I said, I didn't know until I walked in that they're closing. I hate to see them go."

15 stores around the Valley have closed. Some people coming into the Lamoure's on G Street downtown actually turned in their laundry at a different store.

Selma resident David Valdez said, "My clothes were in Selma. They called me up and said your clothes are now in the Fresno main office so I had to pick them up of course before they closed. It's unfortunate to lose it. I've been going to Lamoure's for years now."

New EPA regulations are in effect for dry cleaners. Any equipment using the solvent perchlorethylene has to be replaced. Otherwise, stores can be shut down. Al Smith of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce believes that rule and a down economy left Lamoure's in a bind.

"All of these things just continue to add up. You just see daily another opportunity or another occasion which somebody says i give up. I just can't operate in this environment," said Smith.

Lamoure's owners were not available for comment.

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