Stop The Shaking: Front Loading Washers

FRESNO, Calif.

Some front-loading washing machines have a whole lot of shaking going on. It's especially a problem in the spin cycle.

Consumer reports tested seven devices that promise to help. Most are pads, ranging in price from $25 to $47.

"You place the pads under each corner of the washer. They're supposed to reduce the transfer of vibration to the floor," Bob Markovich said.

To test the devices, consumer reports used a washer that vibrates badly. See how this cup of water shakes. Testers added the pads and placed a sensor on the floor to detect any vibrations. A computer analyzed the results.

So did any of the devices help? "Not really. None of the pads reduced vibration noticeably in our tests," Markovich said.

As you can see, the water in the glass is still vibrating.

Consumer reports also tested the Steadywash Isolation Platform, which costs a lot more $200. And at 24 pounds, it weighs a lot more, too.

The washer still visibly moves from side to side, although the Steadywash does reduce vibration to the floor.

"You're better off getting a washer that doesn't vibrate a lot. And we found several in our tests," Markovich said.

A good choice the Samsung. It doesn't vibrate much at all and is very good at cleaning. It costs $1,400.

If you're looking to pay less for a washing machine, consumer reports named an $800 washer from Sears a best buy. It's Kenmore model number 4027-2. It vibrates a bit more than the Samsung, but it's excellent at cleaning.

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