Fiorina benefits from Valley vote in latest Action News poll

FRESNO, California

Carly Fiorina's constant campaigning in the Valley appears to be paying off. She's made three appearances within the last few weeks. Political Analyst Don Larson isn't surprised by Fiorina's strong showing.

The exclusive Action News poll conducted by SurveyUSA showed Fiorina with 56-to-35-percent edge in the central Valley. Her 7-point lead locally has tripled in a month.

Larson said of Fiorina, "She has been visiting the Valley regularly. Boxer has not been but you have to remember Boxer has been in Washington, which is where she needs to be tending to business in the senate."

Boxer appeared in Fresno last month to talk up her "Jobs for California" platform.

Larson says the senate race will be a spirited one with Fiorina working the Valley vote. He said, "She's feeling the central Valley in a tight race could be the telling vote. If northern California and southern California divide up equally, then the central Valley which generally is sort of incidental in the campaign becomes very crucial."

Fiorina's Deputy Campaign Manager Julie Soderlund said, "This poll underscores just how unsatisfied Californians are with Barbara Boxer's 28 years in Washington."

Boxer's Campaign Manager Rose Kapolczynski countered, "Carly Fiorina has been attacking Barbara Boxer everyday to distract voters from her terrible record at HP where she laid off 30,000 employees and shipped jobs to China."

Larson believes the latest poll may lead Boxer to step up her campaign after Labor Day. He adds the U.S. Senate race may come down to which candidate can attract more of the independent vote.

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