Long Island couple charged with animal neglect


The dogs have timid personalities, adorable faces, and this case has animal rescuers incensed.

"There is no excuse, there is no excuse for this," said Chief Roy Gross, Suffolk County SPCA.

SPCA officials say there were 115 young dogs that were allegedly neglected in a huge house in Huntington, where a dermatologist, Dr. Michael Gladstein was living with his wife, Marilyn.

They were both arrested a week ago and their house is now condemned.

The fire department was called there, after an alarm was set off from all the ammonia produced from the dogs' urine.

"Rescuers had to wear hazmat suits and respirators, due to the overwhelming odors. There were also dead dogs and parts of dogs found in the home," adds Chief Gross.

The surviving dogs were fighting over every drop of water they could get.

In addition, a pony was removed from the home, its hooves so overgrown; they looked like human feet until rescuers had to trim them with a hacksaw.

Eyewitness News caught up with Dr. Gladstein and he was just standing outside the home he is no longer allowed to live in, and he wasn't saying much.

"I'm not allowed to tell you anything…Because my attorney told me not to tell you anything," said Dr. Gladstein.

According to the SPCA this case, is part of a much bigger problem.

"With the downturn of the economy, we've probably received a 20 percent increase in cases of animal abuse and neglect," adds Chief Gross.

The SPCA is urging people to adopt the dogs and to alert authorities about anyone who may be abusing animals.

Dr. Gladstein did say that he and his wife have lived in their house for 15 yeats, and they're both facing felony charges and they're due back in court, at the end of the month in Hungtington.

If anyone wants to adopt one of these dogs, they can contact the following agencies:

Town of Huntington Animal Shelter
106 Deposit Road
East Northport, ny
Phone: 631-754-8722

Almost Home Rescue
P.O. Box 350
Medford, NY

Second Chance Rescue
1075 Portion Road
Farmingville, NY

Last Hope Animal Rescue
PO Box 61
Syosset, NY 11761

Little Shelter
33 Warner Rd.
Huntington, NY

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