Off-duty CHP officer injured in a possible hit and run crash

FRESNO, Calif.

The accident happened in the eastbound lanes of Herndon Avenue, just east of Palm. Investigators say the driver of a silver Toyota Tundra first tailgated one vehicle, and then struck the motorcycle, forcing him into the slow lane. The Tundra then veered into that lane, causing the off-duty officer to crash into the curb. Despite the officer's serious injuries, he was able to give some information to investigating officers. "At this point, it's a pretty severe injury to the lower leg ... It wasn't described as life-threatening, but the officers that were out there said the individual was up and talking to officers at the scene," said Lt. John Papaleo with the Fresno Police Department.

A witness told Action News the officer's leg was severed in the crash. The officer was scheduled to undergo surgery in the Bay Area Tuesday evening. Police are looking for the driver of the truck involved in the crash. It's described as a silver Toyota Tundra with four doors.

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