Valley nurse in need

FRESNO, Calif.

Doctors say it's a miracle 46-year-old Marcia Pugh is still alive. She remains in intensive care.

Family members say she's already undergone a few surgeries and will likely need more. So, the most important thing they need right now is blood.

A round of applause greeted Jim Pugh at Faith Summit Church in Clovis Sunday. It's his first trip back since his wife, Marcia suffered a heart attack, on January 16th.

"I've never known humility like I do right now."

By all accounts Marcia was in perfect health. The 46-year-old mother of three exercised four times a week, didn't smoke, and ate mostly organic food.

Doctors still can't explain exactly what caused the attack.

At one point, Jim says he and his family were preparing to say good bye.

"She was in for surgery so much and she went into renal failure, and her liver shut down, her kidneys shut down, and she didn't wake up for 12 days," Jim Pugh said.

Marcia remains in critical condition. Her co-workers at Children's Hospital Central California have played a role in her recovery by donating money and their own paid time off.


California Blood Center
Marcia's account number is 173-B
Her blood type is O positive--which means, she is a universal recipient


Jim says, what his wife needs now is blood. Members of Faith Summit Church have already donated several pints.

Pastor Sam Beckworth says church goers are still planning to do more.

"Well, in a couple of weeks, we're going to have a blood drive for Marcia, specifically. We're gonna call it Marcia's miracle blood drive."

A fitting title for a woman whose family says is a fighter.

And with the continued support of their friends and faith, loved ones say they have no doubt Marcia will pull through.

"I ask her every day if she's fighting and she says, oh yeah, she's fighting."

"We want her to come home and we miss her, so we're really looking forward to that happening," Audrey Robla said.

The church has not set a date for the blood drive. But, you can help now by going to the Central California Blood Center.

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