Latino Life

FRESNO, Calif.

Jobs Available
Details on a valley job fair. More than 100 employers are searching for qualified candidates.
Guest: Oralia Gomez- Dept. Of Social Services, Fresno Co.

Fair Today Work Tomorrow
Wednesday, March 30,2011
Fresno Fairgrounds


Head Start
The local agency helping low income and migrant children get a head start in life. Why the first 5 years of development are so crucial.

Velia Gonzales - Head Start Program Manager
Robert Aguilera - Head Start Coordinator

Kings County-415-7261
Fresno County263-1200
Tulare County 651-3022


Cesar Chavez Tribute
Fresno State students honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez. You can join the celebration!
Guest: Ambar Alvarez-Soto - Chavez Celebration, Co-Chair

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gay Latinos
The radio "novela" raising awareness and understanding of homosexuality in the Latino community.

Radio Bilingue

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