Valley truck drivers brace for new regulations

FRESNO, Calif.

Drivers and operators filled Fresno City Hall, where California Air Quality Officials showed them how the new emissions rules will affect them.

In the years to come, trucks will have to get to the 2010 engine standards meaning all older trucks will have to be as clean as 2010 models.

The first phase begins in January of next year and truck drivers say the cost of replacing or retrofitting their rigs will have to be passed on to the consumer.

"That's going to have to be offset with rate increases. And that's what's being very difficult, especially coming out of a recession. Most customers don't want to talk about rate increases now, when fuel is going sky high," Ron Silva said.

Air quality officials say they understand the process is costly so they're trying to spread the word about grants available.

They say drivers can get up to $60,000 for retrofitting or replacing their trucks.

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