Fresno's Islamic Cultural Center on Bin Laden's death

FRESNO, Calif.

This Islamic house of worship shares Fresno's Nees Avenue with numerous houses of worship

Seyed Alie Ghazvii said, "My family and I and members of this community they share a sense of relief when they heard this news."

It's spiritual leader spoke of Islam as a religion of peace and not of the violence represented by Osama bin Laden. "The majority of victims of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden and terrorism are and were Muslims."

He and the center's director say most Muslim-Americans support the actions that led to Bin Laden's death.

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh said, "We support our president in his characterizing of Bin Laden as 'not a Muslim leader but a mass murderer."

And the mastermind of so much death they say does not align with any religion.

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh said, "He chose the path of destruction and he tarnished the image of Islam by his own deeds. For that Islam is innocent and he did not speak on behalf of Muslims … Muslims and the rest of the world are yearning for democracy, to live in peace."

The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno would not comment on Bin Laden's burial at sea but refereed to it as a political decision.

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