Discover great vegetables

FRESNO, Calif.

Consumer Reports asked people about 33 different vegetables. It turns out that many people rarely venture beyond lettuce, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes. The least favorite vegetable is parsnips.

Believe it or not, the vegetables people eat can be influenced by their sex. Women, for instance, are more likely to eat yellow squash, celery, and broccoli. A favorite for men is potatoes.

And it appears that age can influence the vegetables you like. Turns out 30-somethings are much less likely to eat spinach.

Unfortunately there's a "yuck" list when it comes to vegetables. In the survey some people said they rarely or never ate some of the vegetables that are really good for you.

Those include Swiss chard. But just 1 cup cooked gives you lots of iron, vitamins, and minerals that are important for growth and for supporting your immune system. Bok choy and Brussels sprouts are also unpopular. But they are excellent sources of vitamins C and K, and they have folate. Artichokes, another unpopular vegetable, also have vitamin K and folate. They're good for pregnant women and for people who are concerned about blood sugar and blood pressure.

So the next time you head down the vegetable aisle, consider something new. You could be that much healthier for it. And for you 30-somethings -- it's time to give spinach a chance. It's an excellent source of nutrients, many of which support growth and the body's immune system.

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