Lemoore woman sets roommate on fire


32-year-old Chasety Reynolds is in a Kings County jail for attempted murder.

A quiet neighborhood right next to Lemoore's golf course was deeply disturbed when last weekend -- a woman poured gasoline on her roommate, set her on fire and watched her burn.

A gardening hose still lays on the front driveway of the house on Par Ave in Lemoore. At first, neighbors had no clue what had happened at the house. Koneechia Brown says she drove by and saw several police and fire outside of the house and the suspect, Chasety Reynolds was standing outside, unemotional.

Brown said, "She was just there with the water hose like this and she didn't look phased by anything and we couldn't tell what was going on because she looked so calm."

Lemoore Police say minutes earlier, Reynolds had doused her 46-year-old roommate with gasoline and set her on fire. Officers say witnesses drove by the house and saw a fire in the garage. They stopped to help, initially not knowing what or who was on fire.

Cmdr. Steve Rossi said, "The suspect was allegedly sitting in the driveway watching the victim burn when the passersby got out of the car and ran in to help. The witness that was inside the garage was trying to put the victim out."

Commander Steve Rossi says police were called to the house earlier that night for a disturbance. When the officer got there, the two had reportedly stopped arguing and told police everything was fine... but just 45 minutes later, officers found the victim in critical condition, with burns covering 55% of her body.

Cmdr. Steve Rossi said, "It's very disturbing even just for me looking at the pictures it's very disturbing that somebody could light another human being on fire and allegedly just sit there and watch her burn too."

Brown said, "That's scary that's crazy and they were just roommates it's like what were you arguing about that you felt you had to burn somebody up that's just horrible."

In court, Chasety Reynolds plead "not guilty" to charges of attempted murder and torture.

The victim is still in critical condition. Police say she will likely spend months in the hospital recovering.

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