Reviving Old Glory

FRESNO, Calif.

One Valley man wants that spirit to rise again on the 10th anniversary.

The images of that day are seared in the memories of everyone who saw them. Across the country and here in the Central Valley we painfully watched as the search for survivors became a recovery of remains. We saw the flags and chose to fly them ourselves. Some still do.

Phil Niedhamer of Fresno said, "I couldn't believe it was actually happening. It was terrifying that it was happening in this country."

On this 10th anniversary, Phil Niedhamer would like all of us to do what he does at his Central Fresno neighborhood: fly the American Flag. That's why he sent ABC30 this email saying "Let's show support for this country by having as many people we can fly our flag that day."

He appreciates that many public and government buildings, like the Fresno V.A. Hospital, fly the American Flag but he's hoping you will too.

His friend Bob Broome agrees. The anniversary of 9/11 warrants it. "Those people didn't have a chance in that building -- didn't have a chance. There were people of every culture that were in the that building and they need to be remembered. And their families, they need to be remembered also."

So we took to the streets looking for flags flying over homes. We did find some in various neighborhoods, but not in the numbers Niedhamer would like to see -- the way they appear on the Fourth Of July or Memorial Day.

So we went to our Facebook friends and asked them to weigh in. That's how we found Sandy Kind of Clovis. Her small flags fly daily, honoring family members who served their country and for those lost on 9/11. "It's for all the people we lost for no reason. Just because someone was ticked off at the United States and they just wanted to show they could do what they did."

September 11th may not be an official holiday but there will be plenty of people here in the Central Valley flying old glory in its honor.

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