Multi-generational Valley homes

FRESNO, Calif.

These days - grandparents and adult children are moving back in -- and extended families are now living under one roof.

A local homebuilder is looking to cash in on this trend - offering four Valley communities - a new concept in home design.

When the economy took a turn for the worse - construction halted and many families lost their homes.

"You've got the boomerang kids coming in, kids going to college that can't afford to pay for a dormitory or apartment rent."

Some were forced to move in with loved ones and either double up or triple up under one roof. Now with more than 350-thousand baby boomers turning 65 each month - Lennar Homes Division President Mike Miller says - older family members are also moving in -- and there's a growing need for a new type of home.

Miller said, "We like to say this is the most revolutionary concept in home design since the invention of indoor plumbing."

His company came up with multi-generational housing or what he refers to as - "a home within a home."

Miller said, "We did all the extra sound-proofing through these walls that are ajoined."

The more than 22-hundred square foot floor plan includes a suite with a private living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.

Miller said, "They have a separate entrance, but accessibility from one of the hallways so they have both ways."

The multi-gen homes also comes with something called the schlage link. Using a computer, iPad or smartphone, you can control the thermostat, some of the light fixtures, even lock or unlock the front door."

Families we talked with - liked the concept.

Susan Trotter said, "There are so many instances now-a-days where people have to move in with their family members. I think the homes are wonderful."

Yvette Galvin said, "A lot of parents are re-raising their kids kids and how awesome is that?"

Starting this weekend, the homes will be available in Fresno, Clovis, Tulare and Visalia. They start in the mid-200's.

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