Air Jordans cause shopping frenzy

FRESNO, California

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Police in the Bay Area arrested one man at a mall for firing his gun multiple times.

At Fresno's Fashion Fair Mall, local shoe stores experienced less intense crowds after a long wait time. But just like the rest of the country, these Air Jordans were sold out in less than an hour.

Nike's Air Jordan Eleven Concords were introduced in 1995 and are arguably the most popular pair of Air Jordans ever made.

So perhaps it's no surprise why so many people would fight long lines and each other for a pair.

What may be surprising is the price tag. These re-released Air Jordans sold at stores for $180.00.

"Once you buy them the price goes up on them," said Michael Adame. "Maybe like a week or two. It depends."

Action News checked on eBay after people got their hands on the Jordans. Some bids went up as high as $390.00 after just a few hours.

Action News caught up with Issac Bogins who missed out on getting a pair in Fresno. He's what people would call a "sneaker head". And people like him are willing to pay extra.

"Since I'm a sneaker head I might do it so," said Bogins. "That's what I might do. I don't want to but I love Jordans man so."

Nike's latest shoe is proving to be an investment for some and shoe worth fighting over for others.

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